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Automation experts, certified developers, proven results.


Personalized service providing proven results. Certified LabVIEW solutions provider with extensive automation experience in a wide range of industries, science, and technologies.

CAS is focused on cost effective solutions. Experienced LabVIEW Certified Architects, Developers, and a National Instruments Alliance Partner. We provide solutions for automated test and measurement, custom engineered software for any industry. We are your partner who works closely with customers to provide unique solutions for your challenges. 


Innovative automated solutions provider for your industries challenges.

Test and Measurement

Data Acquisition And Logging

Vision Inspection

Laser Profiling

Robotic System

Automated Testing

High Speed Embedded Systems


Innovative automated solutions provider for your industries challenges.

CAS can create system requirements to full turn-key solutions. We can turn your concepts and ideas into reality. CAS works with customers at any stage of their project from initial design to enhancing your current system. There is no limit to our capabilities from Tree Force data logging, Smart Grid inverter controllers, to vision inspection systems. 


CAS has wide-ranging experience to develop complete solutions for all fields of engineering, science, and product development.


Extensive capabilities, turnkey systems, intelligent budget focused solutions


Develop unique and innovative solutions by listening to customer’s needs, schedule, and budget.


Flexible, Scalable, and Maintainable Automation Systems. Highly configurable test systems designed to vary with changing product requirements.


Expertise in: LabVIEW software development, High-speed analog / digital, vision analysis, sensors, data acquisition devices, data storage, and laser measurement.


Windows OS, Real-time embedded, FPGA, database integration, distributed systems, custom user interface, and reliable test solutions


  • "Matt has been great to work with. He was very helpful with recommending the ideal instrumentation for my application. Every time I have worked with him he has been punctual in his response and able to complete the projects in a timely manner. His expertise with LabView is obvious, and he does a great job of tailoring the system to the user. Great work Matt!"

  • "We have worked with Matt for over 5 years. Matt thinks and dreams in LabVIEW; when you explain a project to him you can see him begin to translate it in LabVIEW concepts in his mind. His in-depth knowledge and experience is invaluable, and he stays on top of his game by participating in continuous learning and user conferences.

    Matt is also very hands-on, with an effective trial-and-error approach.

    We recommend Matt to anyone in need of expert LabVIEW work."

    MARC T.
  • "Matt not only has a great deal of knowledge with LabVIEW, but is also good at making sure I understand what he is doing and why. He has been very patient with me as the scope of my project changed vastly over its course. What went from a simple control and monitor project, has become a very detailed system with all of the bells and whistles that people associated with the project were able to dream up.

    I would highly recommend Matt for any project, small like mine started out to be, or much larger like it had become. I believe he can successfully tackle any project you need him for."

    BILL G.

Automation experts, certified developers, proven results.


High speed industrial coplanarity (flatness) inspection for tablet / smartphone industry

Distributed Smart-Grid inverter control

Laboratory pump factory calibration system

Paint tinting pump calibration

Destructive tree force and angle data logger

Industrial break-away clutch torque testing

Automated rotational valve force for fire hydrant verification

Micro linear actuator demo software

LabVIEW drivers for wireless sensor network

FPGA based laser profiling system

Pipe profiler cutting system for industry

Automated micro-ohm contact resistance material

Material strength verification

Experimental coal to natural gas data logging

Automated vision inspection and sorting system

Linear actuator dynamic loading force and stall tester

Integrated circuit furnace control system

Industrial pump flow verse time verification

Robotic solar panel output test and verification system

Smoke chamber controller for testing prototype smoke detectors in lab

Autoclave temperature control and logging system

Mobile geothermic flow and temperature control system

Brake pedal travel sensor test


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